DECOUPAGE PAPER 30x40cm SET/3sheets

Sku: 152-0035

 This is a very thin and resistant paper used for decoration using the decoupage technique. Being ultra thin, super strong and flexible, it can be applied seamlessly to any shape or surface. It goes on smoothly, so there is never a seam or bubble. Managed by a young, creative and dynamic team, Decopatch combines the fashion flair of French textile designs to high quality decoupage paper. Like the fashion industry, Decopatch changes styles every year, encouraging creativity and new self-expression. While Decopatch is a versatile product, it is geared toward home decor and crafts.

Made in France.

? Ultra thin, super strong and flexible.
? 3 sheets in 300mm x 400mm.

? Tear off small pieces of Decopatch paper.
? Apply Decopatch glue on one part of the object you want to decorate.
? Place one piece of Decopatch paper on the glued surface.
? Apply a new layer of the glue on the decopatch piece of paper. Smoothen the surface, work from the centre to the edges. Remove any excess glue.
? Repeat these operations to cover entirely the object. There should be an overlap of each piece of paper on the next one. If necessary glue again the joints (on top and bottom).
? The Decopatch glue will quickly dry and will result in a permanent varnished look on objects used for decoration.
? Coat objects for everyday use with Aquapro, the professional varnish. Apply one layer and the second after one hour.


Sale unit: 1 Set