Sku: 420-0174

The smart holder for all 4 - 6.0 smartphones with free adjustable viewing angle thanks to a 360 °- ball joint! Quick to install - the rubber plug with toggle switch is adjustable in 2 steps (1.5 - 3.5 mm - 2.5 mm and 2.5) depending on the thickness of the ventilation louvers, and therefore ensuring a safe and stable fixation of the smartphone holder. The strong magnet with a soft-touch surface holds all smartphone in the desired position. All functions of the Smartphones are freely accessible, even charging while driving with a USB car charger is possible. To fix the metal plate on the smartphone or hardcase three options are available: rectangular - without glue - for insertion into the sleeve; round, self-adhesive, for the back of the smartphone; round gel pad with strong adhesion for residue-free removal. The adhesive strength of the gel pads can be restored by cleaning under running water (don't dry or wipe surface). Size: ? 38 mm, length 60 mm. colour: black. Delivery in attractive display with 6 pieces in single self-service packaging. Important Note: for use with Samsung S4 S4 Mini: the metal plate supplied has to be mounted as far away as possible from the hall sensor element of the phone. This prevents that the S4 responds to the magnetic holder and switches to standby mode.

Sale unit: 1 Piece