STABILO CREATIVE SET ARTY METAL CASE 36 pcs 87/3193 | Kalogiannis


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  • Three products together in one STABILO ARTY creative set.
  • For mixed media creations: watercolor pencil, fineliner and brush pen in one set
  • Curated and matchig color ranges for harmonious artworks
  • STABILO ARTY is for the creators, the players, the tryers, the wanna-have-funs, the daredevils and for all those who wish to get more out of life by making it a bit more colourful. The STABILO ARTY range enables you to discover the world of rich and brilliant colours, with different characteristics and endless possibilities. There are no limits to the colours that can be created with the extensive STABILO ARTY range, and no style that can’t be mastered thanks to the great variety of tips: from fine lines to generous brush strokes, from vivid aquarelle effects to precise sketches. All you have to do is choose and...GET GOING! Do you want to try mixed media? Then this ARTY Creative Set is for you. The high-quality colored pencil STABILOaquacolors contains premium pigments for brilliant color laydown. The pigments can be painted with water and brush for blending and other watercolor effects. The fineliner STABILO point 88 can be used to add precise outlines and details. The sturdy, metal encased tip ensures smudge free creating with a fine 0.4 mm line. STABILO Pen 68 brush can also be blended and aquarelled with brish and water. With the flexible brush tip line width can be varied by applying more or less pressure on the pen. It can be udes to add a brush lettering on a watercolor backgruound for example.

    Metal box β€?Creative Set ARTYβ€? with 16* watercolor pencil STABILOaquacolor , 12* fineliner STABILO point 88 and 8* premium brush pen STABILO Pen 68 brush.

  • Three products together in one STABILO ARTY creative set
  • For mixed media creations
  • Premium fibre-tip pen with brush tip STABILO Pen 68 brush for brush lettering and creative drawing
  • Fineliner STABILO point 88 for precise lines and details with durable metal encased tip
  • High-quality, water-soulable colored pencil STABILOaquacolor for intense color effects with and without water
  • Metal encased tip for a long lifespan
  • Creative Set with curated color ranges for harmonious artworks
Sale unit: 1 Set