Sku: 106-0208

tesafilm(R) invisible is exactly what the name indicates: a virtually invisible self-adhesive tape for multiple applications. It is ideal for home, hobby and office. Use it for high-quality crafting, gift wrapping and repairing torn documents in the most unobtrusive way.

Repairs that won't look like repairs

tesafilm(R) invisible is perfectly suited to unobtrusively repair a torn document or join two pieces of paper. Due to its special surface structure, this self-adhesive invisible tape will not only remain virtually invisible to the eye on most light-colored papers. It will also magically disappear on photostatic copies.

The invisible write-on tape

Especially for office use, tesafilm(R) invisible features another practical advantage. It is not only invisible on most light-colored papers. It also feels like is not there at all. Unlike most other self-adhesive tapes, tesafilm(R) invisible can be written on with any pen or pencil.

Easy to remove from firm surfaces

tesafilm(R) invisible not only offers good adhesion on many materials. Attach it to those small plastic container, stick it on drawers or any storage box and simply use a pen to write on it what you have stored inside. If you want to use the container or drawer for something else, you have no trouble to remove such a quick label and replace with a new one.

High durability and age-resistance

tesafilm(R) invisible was made with durability and long-term use in mind. It is a PVC-free self-adhesive tape made from highly age-resistant Polypropylene. It also features a solvent free adhesive coating.

Extra comfort and convenience(R) invisible offers easy handling and unwinds without making excessive noise. For quick application It can simply be torn by hand. But it also matches any of the tesafilm(R) handheld or desktop dispensers.

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