TRANSPARENT PAPER ADHESIVE DISCS 25mm 2.000pcs | Kalogiannis


Sku: 014-0719

Transparent closure adhesive dots made of recyclable and biodegradable paper, permanent on one side

The transparent adhesive discs made of uncoated paper are plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. They are coated on one side with a permanent acrylic adhesive that adheres strongly to many surfaces.
Just as clean and quick to apply as our film adhesive discs, they are perfectly suitable for a variety of applications such as closing and securing packaging or fastening. This makes the paper closure dots not only a real alternative, but also a sustainable and ecological closure and fastening option.

The adhesive dots are made of 60 g/mΒ² semi-transparent, uncoated paper. 
TΓ?V Austria has certified this material for OK Compost Industrial, EN13432 and OK Compost Home. This material also complies with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

The tacky water-based acrylic adhesive is designed to provide high initial tack and final adhesion to both polar and non-polar substrates. The adhesive has been approved by ISEGA for direct contact with dry, moist and greasy foods with a reduction factor of at least 4.

The yellow 55 g/mΒ² glassine on which the translucent adhesive dots are placed is suitable for use in areas where the labels are dispensed automatically.

The surface of the closure dots is suitable for pre-printing by a variety of methods. End-user testing is required to confirm the suitability of certain printing methods.

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