WINDOW MARKER EDDING 4095 | Kalogiannis


Sku: 106-0024

ometimes it's hard to find the right tool for accurate chalk markings or texts. However, not with the edding 4095 chalk marker - its round nib releases highly opaque liquid chalk, allowing to create distinguished markings on smooth surfaces like blackboards, mirrors and glass. This edding is not only suitable for creative crafting at home, but also a favourite tool in businesses like restaurants, bars or the glass industry.

The colours stay clean cut on the surface, yet are easily removable with a damp cloth. And with a broad selection of colours, the edding 4095 chalk marker offers options as versatile as the purposes it is used for.

Chalk marker for non-permanent designing, decorating and writing on non-porous surfaces, e.g. windows, dark boards, glass, plexiglasΒ® and mirrors
The round nib has a stroke width of 2-3 mm
The opaque, water-based liquid chalk with a neutral smell can be wiped off virtually all non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth
Available in the colours black, red, blue, green, light green, white, neon yellow, neon orange and neon pink

Shape of nib: round nib
Stroke width: 2-3 mm
Neutral smell
Cap can be repositioned

Easy handling - Unlike standard chalk, your hands will not get dirty
Produces a more professional and elegant script or drawing - better than any chalk
Wide range of brilliant colours - Moreover the fluorescent choice of colours becomes visible under UV light
Cap can be stored on the end of the barrel to prevent risk of losing it
Foil seal ensures the product is unused when purchased
Broad colour assortment
High-quality brand product
Made in Germany

Shake the marker with the cap on
Remove the cap
Pump the marker with the nib downwards on e.g. a piece of scrap paper
Carefully pump it up and down until ink fills the nib
The marker is now ready to use
For sensitive materials (e.g. plexiglasΒ®), we advise testing in an inconspicuous area beforehand
Store horizontally

Sale unit: 1 Piece